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"Reclaiming life one thought and one breath at a time." 


Dr. Smith at times uses hypnotherapy, depending upon the issues, the patient, and their comfort with it.  It is known to be very effective in helping to treat anxiety, pain, adjustment to and mitigation of various illnesses, weight loss, smoking cessation, depression, and trauma.

She has also found hypnosis VERY effective in helping people sharpen their focus for work performance, sports, graduate, medical, or law school entrance exams and other academic-related matters.

Hypnosis can be a very powerful, effective tool when a person is ready and the presenting issues indicate its use.  It creates deep relaxation and feelings of safety and calm from which the mind and body can work together to heal more effectively. A deeper understanding of the past and oneself may emerge. Better decision-making can occur.

Call and speak with Dr. Smith about whether you may be a candidate for hypnosis.




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The “mind-body connection” refers to the link between one’s thoughts and behaviors and physical functioning, especially health and performance. Many spiritual belief systems have recognized the link for thousands of years, but only recently has dedicated, empirical investigation been conducted to understand the connection. The science is sound and the results from simple changes can be amazing and profound.

Use the understanding of the mind-body connection with regard to: