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"Reclaiming Your Life, One Thought and One Breath at a Time" 

Dr. Smith provides therapy and coaching to individual adults (from late teen years through end of life), couples, and small groups in her office in the Village of Pinecrest/ Miami, Florida.

Dr. Smith is also a consultant for public and private institutions in development/strategic planning, communications, management, emergency preparedness and response, and individual, institutional, and community resilience-related matters. She is an accomplished presenter, frequently called upon to provide training, keynote addresses and to share her expertise with various media outlets (see links to articles she has been cited in and her guest appearances on various podcasts on the right side of page).

With formal education in Economics, Public Policy Analysis, and Psychology, having been received every award given by the University of Miami Psychology Department to students in her track, as well as the Phi Lambda Pi annual Female Graduate Student of the Year award, her recognition by both Fulbright and The Rockefeller Foundation, and work experience, prior to her doctoral training as an executive within both public and corporate entities, Dr. Smith is respected among medical, psychological, legal and business professionals for her numerous skills, abilities, and areas
of expertise.
Award Winning Licensed Psychologist & Hypnotherapist,
Communications/Management Consultant,
Trainer & Keynote Speaker

Recognized as a Fulbright Specialist and
Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities Subject Matter Advisor in
Human Resilience, Critical Incident/Disaster
Mental Health, Preparedness, Response & Recovery

University of Miami Adjunct Faculty, Affiliate Training
Staff and Lecturer

Premiere Speaker for University of Miami, Student Counseling Center Distinguished Speaker Series
"Doc Rhaz"

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To be announced. Contact Dr. Smith (305-666-8000) for appointments, to arrange interviews, customized private group trainings, seminars and keynote addresses.
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Where there is grief there was love: losing someone is never easy, but it helps to focus on all the good they've brought you - Roselyn Smith, PhD

 5 Tactics to Prevent Compassion Fatigue      

“Mass media has a way of subtly but powerfully instilling a sense of “the perfect look” throughout the population.” with Roselyn Smith and Fotis Georgiadis

    5 Tactics to Prevent Compassion Fatigue      

5 Tactics to Prevent Compassion Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Smith addresses the psychological and physiological impacts of social support versus loneliness, beginning approximately 25 minutes and 42 seconds into the following podcast:
Dr. Smith With Host, Mark Henry, The Edge of the Unknown Divine Synchronicity

With Host, Wanda Myles, 880 The Biz radio shows: Dr. Smith, also known as "Doc Rhaz--1 show on Forgiveness and 1 on Resilience

Dr. Smith honors all mothers by honoring her own:

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