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"Reclaiming life one thought and one breath at a time." 


ROSELYN G. SMITH, PH.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Critical Incident Mental Health Care and Stress Management Specialist, Co-founder, Prehab Life Enhancement Holdings, Inc. featuring Healthy Mind Healthy Body Seminars, Trainer/Keynote Speaker.  Dr. Smith is a Fulbright Specialist in Resilience, Critical Incident and Disaster Mental Health.

Dr. Smith is a licensed psychologist and hypnotherapist in Miami and Homestead, Florida. She provides therapy and coaching to adults, from late teen years through end of life, couples, and small groups.

Dr. Smith is also an accomplished presenter, frequently called upon to provide training and keynote addresses. With formal education in Economics, Public Policy Analysis, and Psychology, and work experience within both public and corporate entities, she is respected among medical, psychological, legal and business professionals for her ability to make science-based information easily understood, relevant, and fun to a wide array of audiences.

"My team and I train people to use the science of psychology and prevention for optimal health, critical incident recovery, decision-making, performance, and life enjoyment. Whether individually, in group training, keynote, or conference settings, we help you create an atmosphere filled with motivation and possibility."

Dr Smith has been certified by the state of florida to provide Psychological First Aid training for psychology, mental health counseling, social work, and medical continuing education credit.


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