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"Reclaiming Your Life, One Thought and One Breath at a Time" 


Dr. Smith, is a recognized expert in human resilience. The term , "resilience" is being tossed around and spoken frequently these days with the implication that if a person, a community or institution is resilient, they "bounce back" immediately and are not impacted by whatever disaster or other difficult situation they have experienced. Nothing could be further from the truth! Humans ARE NOT bouncing balls... resilience is a process, and one that may occur over an extended period of time.
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Factors contributing to resilience-----

*   Understanding and acceptance of the fact that not everyone
    responds the same to major or even daily stressors... there is no
    single "right", "strong", "normal" or "resilient" way to respond.

*   Allowing and accepting the emotions and impact a painful
    situation has had on our lives

*   Calming oneself/reducing reactivity

*   Patience with the recovery process

*   Effective coping

*   Embracing one's spirituality

*   Helping others

*   Posttraumatic growth/benefit finding in the wake of adversity
****** Dr. Smith was the featured keynote speaker at the 2018 Caribbean International Rotaract Conference addressing resilience and recovery from the devastating 2017 hurricane season.
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Fostering ResilienceThrough Committing to Transcendence

One of the most important aspects of recovery is to determine and commit to finding a way to let each situation instruct you, help you grow and transcend in life. Whether a disaster, other critical incident, trauma, shocking news, ugly divorce, loss of a loved one, life threatening or chronic illness, or other difficult life situation, choosing transcendence is an incredibly powerful intervention.

Transcendence, too, is a process, one that must start with committing to it. It may be months or even years before we understand the greater meaning or potential in why we went through or are going through specific challenges in life. But if we stay committed and open ourselves to the opportunities for growth inherent in every situation we encounter, one day it will be revealed and we will see that had it not been for the way certain difficulties occurred, we would not be in the more successful, elevated, peaceful, transcendent place we have reached.

Certain activities help us begin and continue to transcend:

* Meditation

* Connecting with one's

* Seeking and
  the presence of
  positive, supportive
  relationships in our
* Ending habits that are
  no longer useful---good

* Learning to calm our

* Gratitude for
  we have in our lives

* Accurate, balanced

* Quieting worst case
  thoughts about what
  might happen going
  forward---not borrowing
  more stress from a
  future which may
  never come