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Critical Incident Planning and Response

We help corporations develop the communications and psychological response aspects of their critical incident plans and guide those who are currently experiencing a crisis. We provide private consultations, company-wide seminars, and on-the ground counseling structured to facilitate human recovery, and thus productivity, in the event of a critical incident.

Our team is led by Dr. Roselyn Smith, who, prior to returning for doctoral training in Clinical Psychology, worked as a marketing and corporate communications executive for a nationwide company. In that role she was often the public spokesperson during and following critical incidents. The combination of corporate experience, exceptional doctoral level psychological training, research, and real world critical incident response deployment experience, has given her unique insight into how best to assess, prioritize, and address corporate communications and human needs following a critical incident.

Dr. Smith is also an accomplished key note speaker and trainer on crisis-related topics including:

    • The Role of Post-Crisis Psychological First Aid and Effective Communications in Restoring Organizational Function

   • Disaster Mental Health

   • Best Practices Critical Incident Psychological Response (i.e., Psychological First Aid )

   • Responder Resiliency

   • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

   • Posttraumatic Growth

   • Individual and Organizational Resiliency




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The “mind-body connection” refers to the link between one’s thoughts and behaviors and physical functioning, especially health and performance. Many spiritual belief systems have recognized the link for thousands of years, but only recently has dedicated, empirical investigation been conducted to understand the connection. The science is sound and the results from simple changes can be amazing and profound.

Use the understanding of the mind-body connection with regard to: